Imuris Mexico Trip

God has placed a deep desire in our hearts to be a part of this town name Imuris, MX.

We have met some amazing brothers and sisters there.

We go there and most of us don’t speak Spanish, but the Holy Spirit just gives a special connection between us. It is like He speaks through our hearts and we understand each other. When we pray together, it is so lovely and such a connection.

Men gathering in Mexico
Woman in Mexico

We love being there, and when it is time to leave, we always leave a piece of us there. Each time we go, they treat us with such respect and love.

It feels like we live there, almost like we really never leave. 

We met a couple who serve and run Reino de los Ninos. It is a temporary home for children who the government takes away from the parents and Reino de los Ninos work with the parents to reconcile with their children. Sort of like Fostering here.

Arturo and Lilian really have a Godly perspective with what the Lord has given to them. They have a soup kitchen and a sewing ministry.

They really reach out to the people in Imuris and have such a deep love for them.

They also have a church and minister to the town with the Word. 

We ask for guidance and direction from Our Lord God on what His desires are for this ministry.

Please come along side of us and co labor for Him.

House built in Mexico

You can contact Pastor Peter Lopez for further information at [email protected]