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Calvary Tucson has created a team of volunteers consisting primarily of those who have successfully completed basic EMT training or higher, i.e., Paramedic, Trauma Nurse, ER Physicians, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, or other first responders trained for handling medical emergencies. The team is adequately trained to respond to any medical situation from applying a Band-Aid to responding to a mass casualty event.

We are extremely fortunate to have long time Calvary parishioner Jeffrey Isley, a retired firefighter with 28 years of experience in the medical training profession as our Director of Training. Jeff is the Medtech Training Academy Program Director and Lead Instructor for Basic Life Support (BLS) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Jeff will also provide training specifically designed for the children’s ministry.

The team is always seeking additional volunteers who have the appropriate qualifications to serve in this ministry both at our regularly scheduled church services and all special events.


Check back later for events.