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Apr 12
I have been struggling with really bad anxiety & depression, to the point that my mouth gets shut and physically not able to move at all. I've been also experiencing numbness in my feet. My Doctor also told me that I have an enlarged liver. I don't know what to do anymore. Thank you for your prayers.
Apr 9
Heavenly Father! I would like to pray for my husband Frank, please give him strength to resist the treatment he’s going through, in the name of Jesus Christ give him healing and comfort. And please help me with my immigration process. Amen!
Apr 9
Please pray for my friend V. I have witnessed to him over the past year or 2, and I just sent him the Easter sermon on the resurrection. He used to go to Sunday school when he was growing up, but never put his faith and trust in Christ. Pray that he will listen to the sermon. Thanks.
Apr 8
Prayers for my daughter Kathryn, she is having a biopsy today. We pray for complete healing to the Glory of God.
Apr 10
Praise be to God! I requested prayer for my daughter Kathryn, she had a biopsy and it came back negative for cancer. We give the glory to God and our sincere thanks to everyone who prayed for us and with us, our prayers are powerful! ❤️
Apr 7
Just left the 10:45 service I was just inform that my brother Oscar is in the hospital, he has an infection in his blood, he is also a diabetic. Please pray for him. I don’t know how serious this is but he has been in the hospital since Friday. Thank you
Apr 6
In tears I plead for the body of Christ to join me in prayer to save our country! I know we have power in Christ through prayer. Please, let's pray for the salvation of this country! United in prayer as a whole body of the church we CAN make a difference! God bless you all and God bless America! Thank you
Apr 6
Please join with me in prayer needed for healing and wholeness for my brother Adam who is in the hospital now awaiting test results for a foreign body in the right lung. He has been in poor health for some time and in active addiction/alcohol use. Thank you brothers and sisters.
Apr 6
Please pray for my friend Rod's wife, Denise, who is having respiratory issues where she needs to use an oxygen machine to breathe. May the Lord bless and heal her so she can breathe on her own and live a normal life again.
Apr 5
Please lift up Nick and Daija in prayer. Help Nick to walk with a heart of love and kindness. For Daija, please pray for clarity in her heart in regards to relationships and that the Lord will continue to work in her heart according to His will. Give her courage & strength to put God above all else.
Apr 4
I wanted to share this miracle of God. A month or so ago, I asked prayers for my friend, Andrea, in Texas. Wonderful woman of God. She went into chemo for leukemia twice in Dallas and doctors said she was in remission. They couldn't believe it. It's rare that quickly. Her family took her to a doctor in Houston who also confirmed that she was in remission. He couldn't believe how quickly it worked. God answered your prayers and her church prayers. Praise God and glory be to God! Thank you.
Apr 4
I am trying to stay sober but have just lost my job, about to lose my car and the money I had to pay my car $570 was stolen. I am really stressed out and am trying not to drink. Please and thank you for the prayers.
Apr 2
I pray my babies are returned to me, they need me! I pray God reveal the Truth and prevail , that dark works be exposed and nullified in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Amen. Thank you and God bless everyone one of you!
Apr 1
Our son Alex will be deployed to Kuwait, may The Lord bless him keep him safe while he serves to protect others.
Mar 28
Praying for myself and my boyfriend. I was far away from the Lord because I let the stress of my life get to me and I recently came back. I am now praying for my boyfriend Jonathan and that he may come to know God as well so God can be the center of our relationship.
Mar 28
Lacretia from Amarillo,Texas who is being treated for liver and lung cancer was just diagnosed with brain cancer. She recently accepted Jesus as Savior. Please pray for Gods will, including her father and for those who are her support system which includes doctors, nurses, her 4 year daughter and friends. Thank you very much!
Mar 28
Prayer for more energy, healing from exhausted fatigue (even sleeping enough I wake up tired), God to heal me and give me renewed energy and health. Also happiness and joy, protection from spiritual attacks.
Mar 26
Prayer for healing my son Hector who is struggling with depression and anxiety.