Resurrection Celebration 2019

He’s Alive!

We’ll be celebrating this year at the East and West Campuses, during regular service times, with music by our Reach Worship team and a special message by Pastor Robert Furrow!

Please continue to pray with us and invite those who do not know Jesus to this year’s Resurrection Celebration:

Saturday, April 20

East Campus: 6:00pm

Sunday, April 21

East Campus: 8:00am & 10:20am
West Campus: 9:10am & 11:30am

We will also have a special Resurrection service for children!

Admission and Parking are Free

Res Cel Background 2

Simulcast Service

We will also be hosting a simulcast service at the Calvary Tucson East Campus, where we will watch live along with all those who come to the TCC. If you want to avoid the crowds and the downtown traffic, but would still like to be a part of Resurrection Celebration, than this might be a great option for you.


If you would like to serve at this year’s Resurrection Celebration, we have lots of opportunities for you. Fill out the registration form below to let us know you’re interested, and to see the opportunities available.

*There is a mandatory meeting for all volunteers on April 9th (either at 12:00pm at the EAST campus kid’s sanctuary, or 1:30pm at the WEST campus family overflow room.)

Volunteer registration is closed.

Operation Andrew

Operation Andrew is a bring-a-friend-to-church strategy based on John 1:40-45 that we encourage you to participate in leading up to Easter.

Andrew heard about the good news regarding Jesus, that He was the Messiah. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Peter and tell him, “We have found the Messiah!” And Andrew brought his brother to Jesus.

It is our prayer that we would be Andrews, sending and bringing people to Jesus.


  1. LOOK AROUND where you live, work, or go to school—this is your mission field. Make a list of names of individuals you know who need Jesus Christ, and commit to pray for the people on your list regularly.
  2. LOOK UP because God changes people through prayer. Pray each day for those on your list, that God will give you opportunities to share His love with them.
  3. LOOK OUT for ways to cultivate friendships with each person on your list. Spend time with them. An invitation to dinner or a sporting event will build friendships, which can open the way to talk about Christ. Remember: don’t preach. Listen and be a good friend.
  4. LOOK FORWARD and begin to talk with each person on your list about attending Resurrection Celebration with you. Choose a specific date, pray and invite them.
  5. LOOK AFTER those who respond to Christ or even begin to show interest in the Gospel, for they need your encouragement. Continue to love and pray for those who do not respond.